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Sukantti The Singer of the Hit Singles Falling and Unleashed

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27 Jan 2023

Sukantti is a pop musician originally from Venezuela. In the beginning of her musical career, she started singing in movie musicals like '' in New York, where she constantly worked as a songwriter. Sukantti composed a lot of pop music and recently released two singles: Falling and Unleashed independently without using a record label. This pop song will no doubt reach position number one in the musical charts and become a hit everywhere.

The charismatic singer Sukantti released her newest single called Falling in 2020. This beautifully artistic song talks about our fear and darkness. Unlike what other people say about the darker aspects of our human nature Sukantti sings about how we can use this darkness to transcend our situation. She believes that we can utilize it by using feelings like anger and fear in our everyday lives and to our advantage. The message of the song is to never give up on your dreams and keep going no matter what kind of resistance is standing in your way. Sukantti created this song with passion and there is so much real emotion in the song and the choreography of her dance moves is done very professionally.

In one part of the song Sukantti sings "You want to see me falling." In this part of the song Falling, she seems to be referring to all her haters and adversaries wishing her to fail at her artistic endeavors. This song is so motivational, and it has already gained more than sixteen thousand views, and it is directed towards the younger generation of millennials. Falling is a song that is very relatable. The lyrics will resonate with anyone who has been in a relationship where one person is controlling their partner. One of the worst situations one can ever be in is if their boyfriend or girlfriend has an obsessive controlling personality.

The music video for the song Falling has a kind of relaxing and exotic background consisting of a desert. It's interesting how Sukantti can choose the simplest location for some of her music videos and bring such meaning and beauty to the songs she is making.

Sukantti released another single in 2022: "Unleashed", this song talks about unleashing female power and sexuality. "But it was also inspired in my personal experience of having the desire to be in a romantic relationship when I met my TWIN FLAME and I couldn't have that romantic relationship so I was completely heartbroken, especially because it was an experience of mirroring my own soul," said Sukantti in an interview.

What is great about Sukantti is that she is a brave young woman who is not afraid to take the initiative and come to Hollywood. She is a talented pop musician, skilled, and fearless in the face of any adversity or obstacles, self-confidant, a magnificent dancer, and a self-confidant future star. Sukantti is currently busy with some new projects in music, but she doesn't want to provide the details because of the confidentiality agreement in her contract. She also had to deal with the painful tragedy involving the death of her mother Gabriela Donelli, her biggest supporter and fan of her artistic career.

Sukantti's mother was battling cancer for 4 years and the singer traveled to Venezuela to be with her. Now Sukantti is coming back to Los Angeles, where she lives and works as an actress and an amazing performer. She wants to keep her work as an advocate for nature and animals.

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