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Prior to winter storm, Texas tell energy companies to prepare for ice

Robert Besser
2 Feb 2023

DALLAS, Texas: Oil and gas pipeline operators are preparing to stockpile equipment following severe weather forecasts for the next few days.

The Railroad Commission of Texas, which oversees the state's oil and gas industries, issued the notice after the National Weather Service forecast wintry precipitation and ice accumulations across several parts of the state.

The operators were advised to secure all personnel, equipment and facilities to prevent injury or damage, and monitor and prepare operations for potential impacts.

It also asked the operators to "heed" all watches, warnings and orders issued by local emergency officials and monitor weather reports.

"Significant icing possible due to freezing rain. Total ice accumulations of one-tenth to one quarter of an inch, particularly on elevated surfaces and bridges. Some sleet will be possible," the National Weather Service said in a forecast for portions of north central, northeast and south central Texas.

A February 2021 winter storm left millions of Texans without power, water and heat for days after the shutdown of much of the state's electricity and gas supplies.

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