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Grammy 2023: Trevor Noah opens up about hosting show for 3rd time

4 Feb 2023

Washington [US], February 4 (ANI): Grammy Awards host Trevor Noah and executive producer Ben Winston are returning to Music's Biggest Night for the third time in their respective roles.

Well, the 2023 Grammys will be their first "regular" Grammys! Last year was practically average, despite being held in Las Vegas owing to a significant Omicron surge in Los Angeles.

The show's host Trevor Noah recently spoke to Variety, a US-based media house. He spoke at length about this year's show and his experience last year.

When asked about his experience last year, Trevor told Variety, "Last year was fantastic. I mean, I only had one previous year to base it on and that was a Covid year, so it was completely different. We didn't have any unnecessary drama."Variety then asked Trevor if he could neutralize the elephant in the room by making the Will Smith slap joke right in the opening comments. He replied saying, "Neutralizing it wasn't really my aim, if anything it was more acknowledging it. I think that's what I enjoy doing in my comedy, and I'll do the same thing at this show, as well as talk about what's happening. I talk about the performances as I see them because I'm still also a fan. And so as much as I'm working with the Grammys and with the team, I'm still someone who's absorbing this and who's enjoying it. I always try and be as authentic as possible, as a bridge between the audience that's watching the show and the show itself."When asked about his favourite albums of the year, Trevor responded by saying, "I don't have albums -- I'm just playing songs. It's interesting when you look at how the ways we consume music are changing. I feel like I have a favorite playlist, which is comprised of all of these albums. And so every single [nominated] artist on here, I've been listening to, but I don't think I've ever listened to the entirety of the album, except for when they first came out. So, you know, everything that Harry Styles has made this year has been having been out of this world, and at one point I couldn't say a sentence without saying one of the lyrics from his songs. And then it would be something amazing from Beyonce -- if you love the house, if you love disco, if you love any of those influences, Beyonce is bringing that Chicago swag back. So it's a tough one to go like, what's your favourite album? Because for me, it's just been about songs." (ANI)

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