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Gas heating appliances to be phased out in San Francisco Bay area

Robert Besser
19 Mar 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, California: Demands by environmentalists have resulted in the passing of rules in which natural gas-powered furnaces and water heaters will be phased out in the San Francisco Bay area beginning in 2027.

The move is the latest by local US authorities, led by California, aimed at ending the use of fossil fuels, including natural gas, for heating homes and buildings.

In 2022, the California Air Resources Board said that by 2030 all new space and water heaters must have zero emissions by transitioning to electric equipment, such as heat pumps.

In a vote held last week, the board of directors of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District adopted regulations requiring new water heaters and furnaces to have zero emissions of nitrogen oxides, which are linked to respiratory issues.

However, cooking appliances, such as gas stoves, are exempt from the rules.

According to officials, some two-thirds of Bay Area households use natural gas appliances.

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