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Rapper Raga unveils four track EP 'Midtown Madness'

9 Feb 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 9 (ANI): Following the success of 'Kheench Maari', Rapper Raga released a much-awaited four-track EP - 'Midtown Madness'.

Taking to Instagram, Raga treated fans with the song video and captioned it, "Guddi pe dhar, bhakki tu bhar. Thoot pe kohni ka hota asar!"The video gave an adrenaline-fueled voyage through Delhi's streets.

'Midtown Madness' is a four-track EP that showcases Raga's unparalleled lyricism and captivating delivery with DefJam India.

'Kheench Maari' was released last year to hard-hitting tracks such as 'Mastikhor' which serve as a backdrop to Raga's unapologetic narrative, tackling themes of struggle, survival, and self-expression featuring Ikka.

Talking about 'Sir Kholkar' song delves deeper into his world, offering listeners a glimpse into the complexities of his psyche and his innermost thoughts, struggles, navigating the treacherous terrain of fame, fortune, and personal demons.

Teaming up with American-Pakistani emcee Bandzo3rd and 'Speed 206', a blend of lyrical dexterity and sonic innovation with the blistering speed and ferocious intensity.

Expressing his feelings, Raga said, "To me, 'Midtown Madness' is an EP that depicts the crazy street life that I have seen around me. A memoir of what many around me see as entertainment and reclaiming power in their lives. I am not glorifying the lifestyle, but hoping that people use my music to channel their rage instead of truly exercising this lifestyle. I am sure people from across the world will resonate with it because there is a version of this life around them. I am really happy to see the initial reactions of the listeners and I can't wait for them to watch the music video which will be out soon!" (ANI)

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