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Southwest flight under probe after flying low over Oklahoma suburbs

Robert Besser
24 Jun 2024

DALLAS, Texas: A Southwest Airlines flight is under federal investigation after triggering a low-altitude alert as it approached Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that the incident occurred around 12:05 a.m. on June 19. An air traffic controller alerted the Southwest pilots after an automated warning system indicated the plane was flying unusually low.

Data from Flightradar24 showed the Boeing 737 aircraft descended to approximately 525 feet above the ground as it flew over the Oklahoma City suburbs, still nine miles from the airport. captured the communication between the air traffic controller and the pilots. "Southwest 4069, low altitude alert. You doing OK?" asked the air traffic controller. One of the pilots responded, "Yeah, we're going around, 4069," indicating they were initiating a go-around maneuver. The controller then instructed the pilots to maintain an altitude of 3000 feet.

The Dallas-based airline confirmed that the flight landed safely just after midnight. "Southwest is following its robust safety management system and is in contact with the Federal Aviation Administration to understand and address any irregularities with the aircraft's approach to the airport," a spokesperson stated. "Nothing is more important to Southwest than the safety of our customers and employees."

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